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by Susan Mueller, CISR on Mar 20, 2013

Spring is coming fast, I urge you to look in your basement now!

Just before our February rainstorm, my sump pump well was completely and totally dry.  Right after the storm, I decided to take a look again.  Expecting to find a little water, I was a surprised to find that both my primary and secondary pumps were running non-stop.  And the water level was not going down.   

No surprise here, the primary hose underground, was still frozen, seeing as it WAS February. The secondary hose had not been laid out and run down the driveway.   Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the secondary hose inside before the blizzard.  Fortunately, I knew exactly where it was coiled up neatly on the ground.   I dug out the hose, to find it frozen, again no surprise. 

HINT- if this ever happens to you, simply unhook the hose and  bring it inside, placing in the tub/shower to defrost . The line will quickly drain and is ready for use.

So be aware, although streams and rivers are not overflowing, partially frozen ground can lead to water in your home.  With daytime temps above freezing, rain and melting snow get partially absorbed.     

This can cause water to travel below the surface, on top of the still frozen dirt and into your home.  

Most people know that homeowner insurance do not cover damage caused by flood but water that seeps into a basement through walls, or floors may also be excluded.  It is important to talk to your agent or call us to review what if any coverage you have before you have a problem.

Call our office today at 978-352-8000 or email for more information how you can protect yourself!

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