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by Stacey Croteau on Jul 01, 2013

When we are gathering information to provide a classic car owner with a quote we ask a lot of questions.  And while they are all important to make sure that we get an accurate quote none is more important than "What is the value of your car?"

I get a lot of different answers to this questions not only because every car is worth something different but because every car owner is using a different method to come to the value.  Some people know what they have into their car, others bought recently so they tell me what they paid, others have had people just offer them this much to buy it and the list goes on. 

The hardest ones are when people tell me they have owned the car for so long they don't really know what it is worth today. 

We are excited to let everyone know that Hagerty has a very comprehensive value guide for classic cars!  Even if you know what your car is worth it is fun just to play around with.

So I guess the million dollor question is what is your car worth?

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