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by Stacey Croteau on Jul 22, 2013

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We go to a lot of car shows and get asked how to insure a lot of different types of vehicles (everything from a mini electric car to a big old fire truck).  For the most part if it drives and is old and collectable we can find a way to cover it. 

While odd requests are often few and far between what we get a lot of is questions about how to insured a new collector vehicle.  These are often limited production, customized and have limited use vehicles just like the true antiques that we insure every day.

Today we are very excited to announce that we have a new company that can write insurance for these new special cars.  With Safeco we are able to offer a restricted use policy for our customers.  This policy does limits annual mileage to 5,000 but in exchange you will get agreed value coverage in the event of a loss.  That means no fussing with actual cash value payouts which are often not what these cars are worth.

Call us today to review how we can help insure your new and old classics!

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