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Fender Benders cost more than just the repairs

It’s happened to (almost) everyone at one time or another.  You pull into or out of a parking space; slowing creeping forward and hear the crunch.  After a string of cross words and thoughts you get out to survey the damage.  It doesn't look bad a little paint on your car and a scuff on the other and you think thank goodness!  But fender benders can add up quickly with the average cost of a quick buff and paint of a bumper at $250-$500. 

For MA drivers an at fault accident paying out over $500 will result in a 3 point surcharge which can mean upward of $100 more in insurance costs every year for 5-6 years. 

The best defense when it comes to parking lot driving is a good offence.  Here are some tips from on how to lessen your chance of parking lot mishaps.

  1. Be aware: Don't distract yourself as you exit the parking space. Make sure that all bags and packages are secure, children are in car seats, seat belts are on, and that lights or windshield wipers are operating before you shift into gear.
  2. Back out gradually: Give oncoming drivers enough time to see you. If possible, pull into a space so that you can exit moving forward or park in areas with fewer cars.
  3. Drive slowly: Give yourself plenty of time to react to any possible hazard. Check your rearview mirrors constantly, as a car could be coming from any direction at any time.
  4. Look out for children: They could suddenly run in front of you from behind a row of parked vehicles.
  5. Give pedestrians in crosswalks the right of way: It's not just a courtesy, it's the law. 
                                                                                               Source: Liberty Mutual

From all of us at Georgetown Insurance, drive safe!


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