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What to do at the scene of an accident

We have gotten many calls from our customers from the scene of an accident wanting to know what they should do.  Here is a brief list in order of how you should proceed.

Make sure you and anyone else involved is safe. 

If you or anyone else is injured call 911.

Call the police to assist with the accident. 

Even minor accidents should at the very least be reported to the police. They will often speak to witnesses if there are any and will collect information from all the parties.  They will also file a report.

Collect information about the accident

  • Jot down what happened while it’s still fresh in your mind.  Record the time of day and road conditions. 
  • Take pictures of the accident before vehicles are moved and take pictures of the roads. 
  • Get the name, address, license number and phone number of the driver involved.  
  • Take down the year, make and model and plate number of the vehicle(s) involved.
  • Get the insurance information of the other parties involved. 
  • Get any witnesses’ names, addresses and telephone numbers. 
  • Record a description of any injuries of anyone involved.

The final step is to call your insurance company.  Filing a claim can take some time. Speak with your agent or company when you have time and are safe and calm.  The more information you have, the easier it will be to have your claim settled in a timely fashion.  Your company will walk you through the claim’s process.  If there are no damages or injuries, you should still report the incident to your company for informational purposes.  This can prevent any fraudulently filed claims by the other party.  If you suspect fraudulent conduct on the part of anyone involved in an accident or insurance claim call 1-800-32-FRAUD.

File any official required documents.  MA requires you file an Operator's Report any time there are injuries or damages exceeding $1,000 within 5 days unless you are incapacitated.

Please call our office at 978-352-8000 or email info [at] georgetowninsurance [dot] com if you have any questions!


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