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Safe Snow Removal

We should have a white Christmas this year!  While I am not a huge fan of unusually cold temps, I do like the snow.    After the first significant snowfall of 2013, I had the honor of being the first one of my neighbors out with my snowblower on Sunday!  Slowly neighbors crept out with their machines and shovels to join in. 

While there was little to no traffic going by, I want to remind you about being visible.  Wear bright clothing while doing snow removal. Look BOTH ways twice- before walking or backing into the street with a snowblower or shovel in hand.   And be careful, just because the car coming up the street can see you does not mean they will be able to stop or swerve.  So just stay out of the way of traffic.

When you think you are done shoveling, I challenge you to try something.  While I may look silly, when done clearing snow I go to the end of my driveway and "squat".  I try to visual the height that I would achieve if I were sitting in my car. Then look both ways.  The snow bank ALWAYS need to be "chopped" back and notched out to allow me to see traffic coming.    And I will do this several times until I am satisfied with visibility. Standing is very different than sitting in the driver's seat.

So stay warm, be safe & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Click here for some GREAT snow shoveling tips.


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