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Collision with Animals and Your Auto Insurance

Animals are on the move this time of year.  Sadly there are many critters that don't make it across the road.  Did you know if you do happen to hit an animal, causing damage your car, there is coverage under comprehensive?  This part of your auto policy will provide coverage for damage to your vehicle caused by an animal and subject to your deductible of course.

Under normal circumstances, if you hit something with your vehicle, collision coverage applies.  However "animal" collision only - was moved to the comprehensive part so NO SURCHARGE will be issued to the driver.   It is not considered an at fault accident, if you strike an animal.

Be extra careful at dawn/dusk and during the night especially. Using FOG lights can help illuminate the sides of the road better, and watch for "eyes".  The first indication a driver sees, is usually the flash of an animal eyes. 

And just to refresh your memory, deer and wild turkeys almost always travel in numbers, where there is one... there are MORE!!! So if you see one of these animals in particular, slow down or stop if possible.   

Drive safe, watch for critters and enjoy this great weather!!! Visit our web site for many more important tips and articles.


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