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As an on-the-go-mom, I understand and have sympathy for parents trying to multi-task, but there are certain things that we must NEVER do! Never let your kids play in your car unattended and never leave your kids in the car while grabbing a quick item at the store. I know it may be a time-saver but it is just not safe and with the heat, saving time is something you don't want to test.

As an example say the temperature gage in your car reads 93 degrees. This is the exact temperature that proves your car can become an oven in. According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services:

When it's 93 degrees outside:
After 20 minutes temperatures inside a car = 125 degrees
When it's 80 degrees outside:
After 20 minutes temperatures inside a car = 109 degrees

STATISTICS (data as of 8/12/14)

  • Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2014: 23
  • Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2013: 44
  • Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 1998-present: 629
  • Average number of U.S. child heatstroke fatalities per year since 1998: 38

Circumstances- An examination of media reports about the 606 child vehicular heatstroke deaths for an fourteen year period (1998 through 2013) shows the following circumstances:

  • 51% - child "forgotten" by caregiver (312 Children)
  • 29% - child playing in unattended vehicle (177)
  • 18% - child intentionally left in vehicle by adult (111)
  • 1%- circumstances unknown (6)

Reduce the Number of Deaths from Heatstroke by Remembering to ACT
A:Avoid heatstroke related injury and death by never leaving your child alone in a car, not even for a minute. And make sure to keep your car locked when you’re not in it so kids don’t get in on their own.
C: Create reminders by putting something in the back of your car next to your child such as a briefcase, a purse or a cell phone that is needed at your final destination. This is especially important if you’re not following your normal routine.
T:Take action. If you see a child alone in a car, call 911. Emergency personnel want you to call. They are trained to respond to these situations.
One call could save a life.

For more information and stats visit

It's also important to remember that your kids' little bodies are effected by heat more quickly and severely than us adults, so our judgment of temperature is not accurate to that of a child. So please, be sure to make it a habit to check your backseat every time you leave your car, never let your kids play in your car and never leave your children unattended in a car not even for once second! Saving a few minutes of time is far too big a gamble!!


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