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Is My Car Covered for Damage While it's Stored in My Garage in MA?

We've been seeing record amounts of snow here in Massachusetts.  It's the most I can ever remember.  Thankfully most people are doing what they can to keep the snow from building up on the roofs of their homes and garages.  Then again, some people have been unable to keep up.

I have gotten this question a few times about coverage on a person's car while it's in their garage.  I'm not sure how it came about, but for some reason, many people are under the impression that if the car is in the garage, their homeowner policy will cover it. This is not accurate.  Only an auto policy covers an automobile, regardless of where it is stored, either for the evening or over the winter.

Back to that snow.  If the roof of your garage collapses due to the weight of the snow, and your classic Mustang or your new Chevy is crushed, will your homeowner policy cover it?  No.  There is only coverage if you have an auto policy with Comprehensive coverage, less any applicable deductible.

Comprehensive coverage on a Massachusetts Auto Policy generally covers your car for fire, theft, falling objects , larceny, explosion, earthquake, wind, hail, water/flood, riot, mischief and also Collision with any animal.  Glass breakage is also covered under Comprehensive, and under most Massachusetts policies, the deductible is waived for damage to glass.

If you have any questions on your homeowner or automobile coverage, please give us a call, were are here to answer your questions and help you make the best insurance decision for your needs!


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