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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Did you get a new piece of jewelry, golf set or sports memorabilia for Christmas?

If someone gave you a specialty item for Christmas, you may want to consider how it needs to be insured.

The standard Massachusetts homeowner policy will only cover jewelry for $1000 if it's stolen and there is no coverage if it's lost or misplaced.Your claim would also be subject to your deductible. Though some companies offer enhancements that increase your limit, the best way to insure your jewelry is to schedule them on a "rider" for their appraised value.For an additional premium, this coverage gives you the broadest protection on the item and usually the deductible does not apply.

What about that golf set? The golf items are more likely to be stolen away from your house, out of your trunk or from your golf cart while you're getting a burger at the clubhouse.The standard home policy doesn't have a capped theft limit but your claim is subject to your deductible.Again, most companies will allow you can schedule your clubs and equipment for an extra premium and cover them for their value.Your coverage is also broadened from the standard coverages so if you happen to say, "accidently" throw the expensive driver into a water trap, you would have coverage!

Now about that signed football of your favorite New England Quarterback. Items such as these are worth more because they are collectibles, they're valued almost like artwork.Normally, they are only covered for their actual cash value. You would want to schedule them for their appraised value, otherwise you may only be getting a claim check for a $30 football!

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