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Snow Blower Safety

Snow has finally arrived here in MA and NH! If any of you are using a snow blower, you know how difficult the last wet heavy snowfall was to remove. The wet snow clogs up the auger and chute often. Please remember some basics about clearing the machine, such as never EVER use your hand, arm or feet to clear snow from the machine. Even if you turn it off, the auger can spring and turn when snow is removed. Other things to keep in mind...

- Be careful where you point the chute, objects such as rocks and salt can cause harm to people and damage property.

- Don't wear loose clothing that may get tangled in the moving parts.

- Proper footwear with good traction is a must.

- Keep your eyes on the road- the snow blower makes so much noise you may not hear a plow or car coming. And if there is a vehicle headed your way, get out of the way in case the vehicle slides on the snow!

- For electric models make sure you use an approved cord and keep it away from the auger blades.

**TIP- treating the auger and chute with a lubricant can help the snow flow and minimize clogs.**

For additional tips, check out the following link!

I hope you have a safe happy winter! Enjoy the snow, because spring will be here before you know it. Please visit our website for other interesting topics and tips at:


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