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Headlights ON, its the law in Massachusetts!

Back in 2015 Massachusetts passed a LAW requiring headlights & taillights be ON- under the following conditions(NOT just daytime running lights)…

  • 1) If you need your wipers at ALL, headlights on
  • 2) Low light or poor weather conditions (vehicle must be visible at 500 feet) headlights ON
  • 3) 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise headlights ON

I see at least 50% of drivers that are not obeying this law. New cars have automatic lights for low light conditions, but most do not turn on automatically for rain. We have had lots of rain and there is surely more to come. Be safe, obey the law and turn on your lights! If you get pulled over for not having your headlights on, you will get a ticket but thankfully it will not result in a surcharge on your insurance.

Headlights can make all the difference , making you visible to other drivers and pedestrians.

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Drive safely, TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS and enjoy the Spring weather.