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Do you NEED your car every day?

Public transportation is limited for many towns around the North Shore and southern New Hampshire. And where available, often requires GETTING to the train depot or bus stop. So, for most people a car is a must to get around.

If you rely on your vehicle, carrying Part #10 Substitute Transportation is PRICELESS! And coverage can be used, regardless of fault… so please use your head now, instead of your wallet later.

My story…I didn’t carry part #10 and paid out of my pocket almost $200 for a claim related rental. My car was vandalized and went in for repairs. Don’t just think of collisions, remember comprehensive losses like fire/theft/vandalism/falling objects (trees etc ) can all cause damage and require a few days or more, in the repair shop. I hear people say all the time… “well I don’t have accidents, and if someone hits me they will pay for a rental”. Easy to say, not always easy to do. Hit and run accidents are fairly common, and then where do you turn? You are not at fault, your car needs 4 days repairs and no one can be identified to pay for a rental.

Maybe you can’t predict when you will have an accident or comprehensive claim, but you can prevent getting stuck paying for a rental car. The coverage to purchase, generally costs less than paying for 3 days of a rental car.

Check out our website for more great tips and information to stay informed. We hope you all have a safe & fun summer. And don’t forget to add rental car coverage…. call us now!