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MAHA Discount for Massachusetts Home Owners

Congratulations!  Buying a home is a big yet exciting milestone in life!  This milestone can sometimes be a stressful experience but with a good insurance agent, it’s not! One of the costs Massachusetts homebuyers will incur during the home-buying process is homeowners insurance, which is often referred to as hazard insurance. Although you might be focused on a multitude of other costs associated with purchasing a home, homeowners insurance is vitally important to protect you from damage to or the total loss of your home.

As a homeowner, the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA) is offering FREE workshops. These workshops will give you the resources and information to help make your home or condo safe from unnecessary repairs, crime, fire, landlord/tenant disputes, lead paint, and foreclosure. In addition, graduates will learn about HomeSafe discounts, grants, low interest loans and other resources available to homeowners.  Currently, some insurance companies like MAPFRE offers a 10% discount and Safety Insurance offers a 5% discount off your Homeowners Insurance policy upon completion of the MAHA HomeSafe class.  Whether this is your first home or your 5th these classes will offer valuable information. 

 For more information about this discount and how to locate a MAHA HomeSafe class in your area click here MAHA website.

 Home insurance protects your most important asset so make sure that you have the right protection for the very best value and be sure you are working with an experienced independent insurance agent.  If you would like a home insurance quote or more information on protecting your home please contact our office.