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Why You Need Renter's Insurance

So, you finally got the keys and signed lease in hand and are ready to move into your new apartment. Moving boxes, getting the internet set up and meeting the neighbors are at the top of your list. But wait, aren't you forgetting something? Your lease mentions renter’s insurance, but why would you need coverage when your landlord owns the property? Isn’t there already insurance on the building? Sadly, many people make this mistake each year when it comes to their own coverage, thinking that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover their belongings too. This is not the case! Purchasing your own renter’s insurance policy will protect your personal items from a variety of potential scenarios and is often required when signing a lease.

Imagine, after a long day of work and all you want to do is go home, kick off your shoes, tune into your favorite show, and order some take-out. You get to your door and can almost taste the pizza when you notice that it’s already open. There’s some broken glass around one of your windows. Panic begins to rise in your chest; someone must have broken in! You quickly check out your place and notice your television, computer, and some jewelry is missing. Now what?

Maybe you want to impress your friends and offer to cook an elaborate meal that you’ve never attempted before. The directions online make it look easy and you feel fairly certain that you can handle it without any help. You start the oven and join your friends out on the deck while your new culinary masterpiece cooks inside. Some time passes, someone smells smoke, and the fire alarm goes off; you forgot to set a timer! Inside, the oven has been consumed by flames and your experimental dish has long since turned to ash. The building is evacuated and your apartment is a total loss. Now what?

Don’t wait for this to happen to you! Instead of “Now what?” feel confident that you are covered with your own renter’s insurance policy. We offer affordable coverage, and with various limits available, you can rest assured that your personal items are safe. The average monthly payment is often a fraction of the price for what it would take to replace all your favorite gear! Monthly bills average out to be less than $5 a week!! Why wait?! Talk to one of our experienced agents today, and don’t forget to ask about bundling discounts that could be saving you even more money! 


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