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Let's Get Your Home Ready for Winter!




As a homeowner it’s important to consider the changing season and what might happen in the coming months. While the weather is still favorable it’s the best time to do a general once-over of your property to make sure you’re ready for winter. Here we have some basic project ideas that can get you started on winterizing your home!

Gutters – regularly clean leaves and other debris to reduce build-up. Make sure that water is pouring out correctly and that all brackets are secure. Watch out for pooling water which can lead to damage to your foundation, driveway and walkway.

Windows and Doors- inspect for gaps to prevent warm air from escaping. Caulk and weather stripping can be used for any trouble spots. Still feeling a breeze? Consider double-paned windows as they are more energy efficient.

Heating Systems- Cleaning ducts to ensure efficiency and reducing the amount of dust in your home is extremely helpful. Be sure to replace your filter and give your heating system a ‘test run’ before the cold weather really settles in. Hiring a professional to do a more thorough inspection will help you to catch any minor problems before they turn into big ones! Have an oil tank? Look out for any leaks and fill the tank before cranking the heat.

Yardwork- Trim tree branches that may become heavy with snow and ice which can cause damage. Did you know that grass continues to grow during the autumn months? Roots grow deeper to prepare for the colder weather. Now is a great time to throw down some fertilizer and reseed the lawn.

Plumbing- Make sure pipes are well insulated to prevent them from freezing. Locate your water shut off valve and make sure you know how to turn it OFF in case they do freeze. Don’t forget to properly drain and turn off those outside hoses!

Fireplace and Chimney- a great comfort and heat source in the winter, chimneys definitely require a professional inspection and cleaning. Test the flue for a tight seal and make sure your wood pile is stocked and ready to go!

Restock- don’t wait for the next “snowpocalypse” before stocking up on ice melt, snow shovels, extra canned food, gas for your snow blower, medicines and whatever other essentials your household needs.

Be Safe- Don’t forget to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! Winter has the most house fires than any other season. Carbon monoxide is a serious threat this time of year since homes are closed up tight with the furnace blasting around the clock.

With a few weekend projects you can help to avoid costly headaches later. And, although we can never accurately predict the type of winter we may have, it’s nice to know we are as ready as we can be!



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