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Safe And Efficient Holiday Travel Tips!

The Holidays, a.k.a. the busiest time of the year, is upon us again. And before you start cramming your overnight bag why not take some time to consider some helpful tips to get you ready for whatever dreaded commute you must endure.

First thing’s first, where are you going and for how long? Packing light can be a challenge when you anticipate a longer stay and especially in states where weather can be unpredictable this time of year. Plan ahead and be strategic on the clothes you really need versus having options based on what your mood might be. By using a small suitcase and packing the bare minimum you’ll save space in the car for all those gifts you need to lug or help to reduce the baggage fee at the airport!

An obvious tip is to avoid peak travel days at ALL costs. Who wants to sit in bumper to bumper traffic while the gas, and time, idles away? Or spend hours waiting in the airport to be properly screened for their flight? Not only is it frustrating but potentially dangerous with COVID-19 still posing a serious health risk. Some of the busiest times to be ‘on-the-go’ occur in the days leading up and following major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. If possible try to leave earlier for your destination. If that’s not feasible, plan accordingly with respect to time. Anticipate that it’s going to take you longer to get through that line, or make that drive, and plan appropriately.

Heading to the airport? Make sure to check your flight status often. With unexpected weather, or unforeseeable changes, headache-inducing delays can throw a wrench into your travel plans. Check-in 24 hours before your scheduled flight and stay current with weather forecasts. Call ahead to your airline and download their app to get up to the minute information regarding any changes or delays. Before departing, and for your own sanity, be sure to include snacks and entertainment that will keep you occupied throughout the duration of the flight.  Another tip? Don’t get bogged down with the weight, and cost, of transporting large packages. Send them ahead of time with delivery options coinciding with your own arrival. You’ll definitely be thanking yourself later!

If it’s the open road that beckons make sure your vehicle is ready to go with a full tank of gas and an emergency road kit. Consider mapping out your trek ahead of time for the best possible route and to avoid costly tolls. Traveling with kids? Fun car games, endless snacks, and the cherished I-Pad will be crucial for those long car rides. Why not make a special playlist for extra festive vibes?  Be flexible with your travel plans as unexpected traffic and ‘stops’ may be necessary and more frequent than you think.

With the right attitude, and some careful planning, those holiday commutes can be considerably easier, and even enjoyable. Go forth and conquer your travel this season and enjoy your time spent with loved ones! 


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