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Classic Car Insurance

Antique Car Insurance with Hagerty

While cruising the back roads of New Hampshire or Massachusetts in your antique or classic car the last thing you want to think about is your insurance.  Antique or Classic Cars need special coverage and a special agent. At Georgetown Insurance we specialize in providing the best coverage available for your classic car with Hagerty Insurance, the world’s leading provider of collector car insurance.

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With Georgetown Insurance and Hagerty you will get everything you need for your antique car.

  1. Low premiums - Hagerty provides coverage geared specifically to the car collector at rates considerably lower than standard policy premiums.
  2. Agreed Value Coverage - Hagerty offers an "Agreed Value" determined between you and the company when you insure your vehicle. If you suffer a covered total loss, you get the full value of your policy.
  3. Repair shop of choice - When a claim requires repairs, you can take your vehicle to any shop you want—anywhere. Or if you choose, Hagerty will pay you to make the repairs yourself.
  4. In-house claims specialists - Hagerty’s collector car claims specialists are on-staff to help you in the fastest most efficient way possible. They even have a parts specialist whose only job is to help find original parts for your car.
  5. Usage guidelines not restrictions - We want you to enjoy your classic car while there are some restrictions in the policy, you’re covered for pleasure use, whether it's a drive on a gorgeous summer day, a trip to the ice cream shop, attending club events or going to shows.  Hagerty now has a program for daily seasonal driving!