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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Why Should I Buy Life Insurance

While I am no expert in the area of life insurance, I do understand that there is a need for such coverage. We are in business of putting a value on the things that are replaceable, such as your home or car. In the case...

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Monday Morning Motor - Ask Hagerty

We talk all the time about how Hagerty eats, breaths and sleeps classic cars and they really do. Everything from the insurance to lobbying to keep the hobby alive and well. Something else that comes with your Hagerty...

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Monday Morning Motor: But what do you do with new collector cars?

courtesy of We go to a lot of car shows and get asked how to insure a lot of different types of vehicles (everything from a mini electric car to a big old fire truck). For the most part if it drives and is...

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Monday Morning Motor: Losses & Lessons, A Droptop, a Hotel and a Vandal

Car: 1951 Ford Convertible What Went Wrong: The car’s owner was attending a car event and parked the car outside the hotel where he was staying. In the morning, he went out to his car to discover that someone had sliced...

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Monday Morning Motor - 5 'Official' Classic Cars of Summer

While I know that we all have our top 5 cars that we would love to drive on a hot summer day I thought that this list from Hagerty was pretty good. I mean who doesn't have a 63-67 Corvette Convertable in their top five?...

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Monday Morning Motor - The Million Dollar Question

When we are gathering information to provide a classic car owner with a quote we ask a lot of questions. And while they are all important to make sure that we get an accurate quote none is more important than "What is...

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