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Preparing Your House for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving next week, there will be a lot of holiday decorating and cooking going on. I plan on baking pies, entertaining and yes, setting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner! If you plan to get ready...

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Cold weather is coming...Is your house ready?

Ready or not the cold weather is right around the corner! I for one am NOT ready for the long cold winter months! So much to think about and so much to do with the Holiday Season approaching. One thing on your winter to-...

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Monday Morning Motor: This week in automotive history

- Nov. 12, 1998 - Daimler-Chrysler Formed: Characterized as a "merger of equals," the Daimler-Chrysler merger brought new platforms to Highland Park, but also a new culture - a German one. Nov. 13, 1940 - Willys Jeep...

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Insurance and Life Changes – Part II

In Part I we wrote about some of the early life changes that affect your insurance. Here we are going to focus on some of the stages of your adulthood and senior years. Starting Your Family: We could probably make this...

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Monday Morning Motor: 5 Coolest Car Colors

Certain classic car colors have become indelibly associated with either an era or a particular car. During the muscle car era of the '60s, bright shades that looked like they came straight from a roll of Life Savers...

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