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How could Thanksgiving possibly be dangerous??

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week. I will be invading my Mom’s in Maine for some great food and spending quality time with family! Whatever your plans, in my opinion the travelling itself, is NOT the biggest...

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Back to School

Can you believe September is NEXT WEEK! MA and NH are gearing up for the start of a new school year. Many are dealing with back to school shopping lists along with the usual anxiety for the start of school! While my...

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Do you NEED your car every day?

Public transportation is limited for many towns around the North Shore and southern New Hampshire. And where available, often requires GETTING to the train depot or bus stop. So, for most people a car is a must to get...

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Headlights ON, its the law in Massachusetts!

Back in 2015 Massachusetts passed a LAW requiring headlights & taillights be ON- under the following conditions(NOT just daytime running lights)… 1) If you need your wipers at ALL, headlights on2) Low light or poor...

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